ETH developer programs AI-generated memecoin AstroPepeX using ChatGPT

ETH developer programs AI-generated memecoin AstroPepeX using ChatGPT

An Ethereum developer has managed to get ChatGPT to launch its own ERC-20 token, AstroPepeX (APX), modeled off data from the top traded tokens on Uniswap.

X (previously Twitter) user CroissantETH unpacked details of how they integrated ChatGPT into a custom application using OpenAI’s API. They told it to design and issue its own ERC-20 token with an estimated market cap of $3.5 million.

Data from Etherscan reveals that there are now over 2,300 APX holders that have carried out over 17,700 transactions since the token mint on Sept. 20.

The developer managed to get ChatGPT to be able to deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum network after feeding it data on the top 10,000 traded tokens on Uniswap.

“In essence, it asks ChatGPT to form an ERC-20 token using Open Zeppelin standards. The token name & other parameters are designed to be passed in by values given by GPT in the code’s constructor.” 

CroissantETH also explained how ChatGPT’s first attempts at potential names for its ERC-20 token were not ideal. The developer’s solution was to integrate data from the top traded Uniswap tokens to give the large language model a more natural-sounding output.

“GPT-4 evidently had a much better understanding of crypto culture while also offering its own creativity in responses.”

To ensure the token was made solely by GPT before deploying the contract, CroissantETH addressed ownership of the private keys and the contract with a solution that ruled out any human intervention.

“Once the contract is deployed, ownership is immediately revoked and 100% of the tokens are added alongside 2 ETH to liquidity on Uniswap upon creation.”

Thus AstroPepeX was created, sending 65,000,000,000 APX tokens and 2 Ether (ETH) in liquidity to Uniswap’s decentralized exchange.

Using exclusive access to blockchain analysis tools from Nansen 2’s beta, Cointelegraph confirmed that APX tokens have indeed moved onto decentralized finance platforms like Poloniex and centralized exchanges including Bitget, MEXC and LBank.

Nansen 2 beta’s Token God Mode dashboard for the AstroPepeX token.

Poloniex also promoted the token’s listing on X, opening deposits and trading on its exchange on Sept. 21.

AstroPepeX’s website links to its Ethereum address and social media handles. Among these is a community Telegram group with some 1,500 members, as well as a BuyTech bot posting automatic updates of APX trades and the current market capitalization of the token. CroissantETH later tweeted that the token does not have an official Telegram group.

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