FF Podcast delves into the rise of prop trading as Brokeree releases Prop Pulse

FF Podcast Ep 29 Tatiana Pilipenko

In the latest FinanceFeeds Podcast, Tatiana Pilipenko discusses Prop Pulse, Brokeree Solutions’ platform for prop firms and retail brokers aiming to delve into prop trading. Offering a flat fee structure, Prop Pulse emerges as a scalable solution in an era where successful traders increasingly prefer prop firms over traditional retail brokers.

The 29th episode of the FinanceFeeds Podcast, hosted by Nikolai Isayev, features Tatiana Pilipenko, Regional Head of Business Development for APAC, UK, and the Americas at Brokeree Solutions, at a critical time for the prop trading industry, particularly in the United States.

Coincidentally or not, last month Brokeree Solutions launched Prop Pulse, an account management solution, for prop trading firms and retail brokers expanding into that space, that allows them to set up multi-step challenges for evaluating and scouting traders.

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It is against this backdrop of chaos in the prop trading scene that Tatiana Pilipenko highlighted Prop Pulse’s features.

Key features of Brokeree’s Prop Pulse

Prop Pulse aims to streamline the entire customer journey from registration to scaling funded phases, integrating seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. It allows the creation of customizable challenges for traders, with the ability to set up to 20 objectives, monitor and evaluate traders’ performance, manage risks with customizable thresholds, and receive emergency notifications.

A key feature of Prop Pulse is its ability to create unlimited challenges for traders, enabling brokers to specify objectives and constraints with accuracy to configure trading conditions tailored to each stage of the challenge. Once a trader completes these stages and demonstrates their skill, with Prop Pulse a broker updates their conditions in a few clicks, including balance and profit split, thus advancing them to the next level of the scaling plan.

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The solution offers intuitive dashboards for brokers to monitor clients’ performance, challenge progression, balance, and objectives met or failed, providing a clear overview of both successful and unsuccessful accounts. It is particularly suitable for firms with an existing trading infrastructure, such as a trading platform, liquidity management solution, connected payment service providers (PSPs), or CRM system, due to its web-based nature ensuring smooth integration with all operational aspects of a broker’s environment. The Prop Pulse Web UI can be customized to align with a broker’s brand, enhancing brand awareness within their trading environments.

Flat fee for retail brokers scale prop business

“We’ve conducted quite a thorough research last year as well as development of the product […] I would say that flexibility of the settings and full control over processes – being able to adapt the technology to their specific infrastructure and technology stack – would be a competitive advantage of Prop Pulse,” said Tatiana Pilipenko.

The solution distinguishes itself by offering a platform that caters to the varied needs of prop trading entities, including retail brokerages exploring prop trading avenues and startups aiming to carve a niche in the competitive market.

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Prop Pulse is designed to support companies from their inception, especially those venturing into the prop trading space. Its key competitive advantage lies in the flexibility of its settings and the ability to grant full control over processes, allowing firms to tailor the technology to their specific infrastructure and technological needs. This adaptability is a critical factor for companies seeking to integrate prop trading solutions seamlessly with their existing systems.

Moreover, Prop Pulse offers a flat fee pricing model, which is seen as an attractive option for companies interested in adopting this solution, ensuring that costs are predictable and manageable. The emphasis on quality service is another cornerstone of Prop Pulse’s offering, with Brokeree boasting a team of developers and tech support that focuses on quality over quantity. This high level of service ensures that any technological requirements and needs are met efficiently, providing clients with the support they need to leverage Prop Pulse effectively within their operations.

Prop trading is gaining traction and trust

The solution is designed to streamline the operational complexities inherent in prop trading, including client onboarding, evaluation, selection, as well as efficient monitoring. This process ensures that traders can seamlessly transition through the stages of challenges, ultimately partnering with the broker under a structured and transparent framework. Pilipenko emphasized the product’s flexibility and control, allowing brokers to tailor the technology to their specific needs and processes, thereby offering a significant competitive advantage over other prop trade tech providers.

Tatiana Pilipenko highlighted the nascent interest in prop trading, characterized by trading on demo accounts – or with the company’s funds – as an emerging trend in the industry. She noted an increasing curiosity from more conservative market players who are seeking deeper understanding and engagement in this area.

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This shift suggests that traders are increasingly aware that entities entering the prop trading space are not merely speculative ventures but are established firms with robust compliance frameworks, aiming to foster trust and sustainable relationships. Despite the optimism surrounding the growth and legitimacy of prop trading, Pilipenko acknowledged the uncertain future of this industry segment, emphasizing the need for companies to invest in building reputable brands and operational integrity. She also touched upon regulatory challenges, particularly in the United States, where the regulatory framework has yet to fully embrace prop trading.

Traders choosing prop firms over retail brokers

The conversation also touched upon the regulatory challenges and opportunities within the prop trading sector. Following high-profile cases and growing scrutiny, the importance of regulatory compliance and ethical practices has never been more pronounced. Pilipenko observed a shifting paradigm, with traders gravitating towards prop firms over traditional retail brokers, underscoring the need for prop trading firms to establish trust through compliance and transparent operations. The discussion also highlighted the uncertain regulatory stance in markets like the US, pointing to the evolving nature of prop trading and the necessity for firms to stay abreast of regulatory developments.

As the prop trading space continues to grow, both in interest and technological innovation, the role of established brands becomes increasingly crucial. Pilipenko predicts a trend where traders prefer to engage with reputable and well-established brands, avoiding the pitfalls.  The exploration of prop trading and the introduction of Brokeree’s Prop Pulse on the FinanceFeeds Podcast reveals a sector at the cusp of significant transformation.

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Don’t miss this insightful exploration of the evolving prop trading landscape with Tatiana Pilipenko on the FinanceFeeds Podcast.

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